faq, receptionist faq, novuscall faqWill I be required to install a phone line at my business?
No. We provide a local or toll-free phone line that rings to our systems.  You can either choose to advertise this new phone line or forward your existing business lines to it.

How long does it take to set up my account?
Account set up is typically quick and easy. Once the order process is complete, accounts are activated within a matter of hours.

What type of contracts do I have to sign?
NO CONTRACTS! We are prepaid and month to month. We only require 30 days written notice to discontinue services.

How do I forward my phones?
The instructions are simple, but vary from carrier to carrier. Don’t worry, we’ll help you with this process.

How can I access my VM?
Voicemail can be accessed by calling 866-889-7666 and entering your voicemail box number and password. You can also access it via your email by clicking on the links that are provided in your call logs.

Is my number listed with 411?
No, but you can request it. There is an additional fee for this service and it is only available for local numbers, not toll free numbers

Do my calls roll over?
No. To ensure that we have very few missed calls, we staff based on planned usage. We do offer very customizable plans, so you can build a plan that fits your needs. Your call plan can be adjusted throughout the year, to match peak times.

Do telemarketer calls count against my account?
No, we do not charge for telemarketers, wrong numbers, fax machines, and hang ups. We also offer blocking tools that allow you to block individual numbers, so that those calls are no longer routed through your account.

Do you provide outbound calling?
Yes we can do outbound calls, for surveys, client follow up, or data entry.  We do not perform sales calls.

Are there other services that you offer?
Yes, we provide many other virtual office solutions at exceptional prices. Please contact an account specialist for details, or visit our Premium Services page.

I just want a toll free number, can I purchase that?
Yes, we have toll free numbers available. These numbers are paid for in monthly or semi-annually billing. Toll free numbers are NOT automatically routed through live receptionists.

What if I already have a phone number?  Do I have to get a new number from NovusCall?
That is up to you and how you want to utilize our service. There are many ways this can be accomplished. You can speak with an account specialist to discuss these options!